Monday, February 13, 2012

What I Think About: 2011 Panini plates and Patches

         2011 Panini Plates & Patches Football
2011 Panini plates and Patches

          I must say I have never busted a box of 2011 Panini Plates and Patches, but I have seen many break videos and reviews of the product. I have heard good things and I have heard bad things. What I believe about this product it is it's a hit or miss. You could get an auto of some player that you have never herd of or you could get a Cam Newton Patch Auto. The checklist does included Legend Cut Autos, and those can be very nice (all of the cut autos are #'d out of 49 or less). The product contains 1 pack with 10 cards, you will get a total of 2 autographed cards and 2 memorabilia cards. The case of 2011 Panini Plates and Patches contains 15 hobby boxes. The regular Hobby Box is going for $150.00 and the 15-box case is going for $2,250.00. So I believe it is worth getting a hobby box and trying it out, and worth buying a case if you have the money and are in love with the product! Below I will post some pictures from to show you some examples. I hope this helps you!

2011 Panini Plates & Patches LESean McCoy Base Card

2011 Panini Plates & Patches Mark Ingram Jersey Autograph

2011 Panini Plates & Patches Calvin Johnson Team Supreme

2011 Panini Plates & Patches Miles Austin Patch

2011 Panini Plates & Patches Sammy Baugh Cut Signature

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