Saturday, February 11, 2012

Best Cards to invest in RIGHT NOW Jan-11

Sports Cards can be very expensive or extremely cheap, depending on the player and whats on the card (relics, autographs, or just serial numbered), but prices of cards are always changing. In this weeks blog I am going to tell you the best cards to invest in RIGHT NOW! So keep on reading if your willing to invest!

- Bary Larkin Rookie Card
           Barry Larkin is now retired and was an overall solid player. He should soon be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Being inducted into the Hall of Fame will definetly bring the price up of his rookie cards. Barry Larkin has 3 rookie cards out:

-1987 Donruss Barry Larkin Rookie (goes for 6 dollars)
-1987 Topps Barry Larkin (goes for 5 dollars) (in pic below)
-1987 Fleer Barry Larkin Rookie (goes for 5-6 dollars)

- Jermey Lin Rookie Card
          The Jeremy Lin rookie card has been a VERY HOT card in the past 5 days or so. He has only had 4 great games with the New York Knicks but his cards has skyrocketed. This is a great card to buy right now but it would be more of a short term investment, unless he can play like he has the last few games every game. He has a good amount of cards out right now.

Examples of a few:
-2010-11 Playoff Contenders Jeremy Lin Rookie Manufactured Patch Auto (goes for 160-220 dollars) (in pic below)
-2010-11 Panini Prestige Jeremy Lin Rookie Auto (goes for 150-205 dollars)
-2010-11 Panini Prestige Jeremy Lin Rookie (goes for 15-35 dollars)

1993 Derek Jeter SP Rookie
          Even though there are more Derek Jeter rookie cards out there the 1993 SP version is selling the best right now and is the most expensive right now. Derek Jeter has always been a great and consistent player for the New York Yankees. He will most likely retire in the next couple of years, and most likely (almost 100% sure) be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. When he is inducted his rookie card will rise in price even more! Getting the his rookie card graded would also be a great idea for investors (grading it will also lift it's price).

-1993 Derek Jeter SP Rookie  (goes for 33-50 dollars) (in pic below)

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