Thursday, February 16, 2012

Grading Your Cards

          Grading a Sports card is a great idea, as long as its no a random base card of a know body. I believe in only grading a card as long as its either and investment or just a really nice card. Also if you know that its going to get a bad grade don't bother getting it graded.
          When is come to getting a card graded there are 2 main company's used and 1 other that isn't used to often. the 2 that are used the most are Beckett Grading and PSA Grading, and the other grading company is Sports Card Guarantee. My personal favorite is Beckett because there are many different choices for grading types and the case that the cards are encased in look better that PSA and Sports Card Guarantee. Below I will post the website URL's to the 3 company's. Enjoy!



Sports Card Guarantee:

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